When should you change your RV tires?

When Should You Change Your RV Tires? Aging RV tires need to be changed every five years. RV tires are a little different than a car tire.  They have a shorter life due to dry-rot.  The damage caused by a tire that blows can be extremely costly to the RV owner. Know the facts to avoid expensive repairs!

If you drive RV tires 10,000 to 15,000 miles a year, the treads will wear down and require changing as needed. If you are only driving 5,000 or less miles a year, the concern is aging tires.  Aged tires are subject to dry-rot and become weak and brittle.  It is recommended that tires be replaced every 5 years to avoid more costly damage from a blowout.

How to Know the Age of Tires

Below is a photograph labeled with what the codes on your tires mean.  Note the manufactures date.  In this case the 03 is the month the tire was made and the 04 is the year.  If your RV were sitting in a garage most of the life of the tires, dry-rot can’t be seen necessarily. The dry-rot is taking place inside the tire and can cause separation that could cause a blowout, which could lead to an accident.  Don’t become a victim in this situation.  Know how to read the age of  a tire and the signs that it is time to change your tires.

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How To Determine Wheel Alignment

Why Proper Inflation and RV Alignments Are Important

If you want to get the most life out of your tires, make sure they are properly inflated and regular RV alignments are done.  Knowing the load weight on each tire allows you to properly inflate each tire.  On the contrary of a car, an RV may have different weights being applied to each tire, due to tanks and packed compartments.  The different weights indicate that it will require a different psi.

You can check the load weight on each tire by pulling into a weigh station and have them give you a detailed report based on the weight you have in each section of your coach being place on the tires. Here is a link to the charts I have attached below: https://rvtires.com  Be sure your tires are not over-inflated or under-inflated based on the load being placed on each of your tires.  Also, an added benefit to properly inflated tires is a much better drive.

Furthermore, leave it to an expert and take your RV to a service center with advanced alignment systems to get the most of your tires!

CoachCrafters has a state-of-the-art RV alignment system. Call us at  352-742-8111 to – we can help you figure out if its time to change your RV tires.

Also, another upgrade you should invest is in a tire pressure monitoring system, if your RV is not already equipped with one. In addition, you may also receive a discount from your insurance company for installing them.

Factors that Can Decrease the life of your RV Tires

  1. Over or under-inflated tires
  2. Exposure to ultraviolet light
  3. Too much exposure to Asphalt while sitting (use a piece of ply-wood and place between the tire and the asphalt to protect against harmful petrochemical exposure and excessive cold or heat
  4. Sitting unused for too long

Tires are an important aspect of your RV. Take care of them and your on-road experiences will be much better! We hope this helps you better understand when to change your RV tires.

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