In these challenging times of confinement and isolation, not many business sectors can boast that their sales are up and looking at a bright future.

But that is for sure the case with the sales and rentals of recreational vehicles (RVs) and motorhomes.

The COVID pandemic has made a lot of people re-think how they live their lives. Habits are changing, and this is clearly showing in the RV industry. Not only have RVs have become an escape from isolation or a mobile office during these difficult times but, importantly, people have started to re-evaluate their travel habits.

Over the past few months, the RV industry has witnessed a boom in sales and rentals on account of the inherent contamination dangers of traveling by air, being trapped with strangers in a potentially toxic environment. Cruises, hotels, and restaurants can pose the same risks. You can never be sure how well the health regulations have been implemented, or who has slept in your bed!

RVs Represent A Safer Alternative For Traveling

That’s why so many people have suddenly realized they can protect themselves entirely and have a great vacation safely. An RV is your home away from home, but on the move – a protective bubble. A lot of people have never really considered RVs before as a great alternative to traditional modes of vacationing, but that’s clearly all changing.

rv inspections are important

Why You Need A Thorough RV Inspection

Buying an RV is, for most, is a big decision. You need to make sure you use a highly-reputable accredited RV inspection and repair shop to make sure your vehicle is in excellent condition when you buy it, that the repair shop helps you keep on top of wear and tear, making sure that you confirm with any inspection requirements.

If you are considering buying an RV, in Florida, or anywhere else, you really should get a pre-purchase inspection done by a recommended and fully-certified RV repair shop. Getting a full and thorough inspection at the outset will save you potential grief later on. Having regular services and checks, together with complying with the rules and regulations in force, will prolong the life of your RV and save you money in the long run.

Like any other vehicle, wear and tear take its toll. RV’s with their many different and unique elements over and above those in a standard vehicle, need to be maintained with even more kindness and love! Don’t leave it to chance – keep up with regular preventative maintenance. But with all the care in the world, something is, of course, bound to need attention at some point.

Common RV Issues – So What Might Go Wrong?

  • Roof leak?
  • Engine Issues?
  • Air-conditioning?
  • Brakes?
  • Awnings and canopies?
  • Electrical?
  • Transmission?
  • Slide-outs?

Don’t forget – this is your home on wheels! Look after it, and you will enjoy years of happy (and safe) driving. CoachCrafters is here to help, so that you can take that long vacation with all the safety and security.

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