Metro Determined to Reverse Crime Rates

Crime is much more prevalent in large cities than in either small cities or rural areas. The high crime rates in large cities have been relatively pervasive for several centuries. Some reasons include higher pecuniary benefits, lower arrest probabilities, and observable city culture characteristics.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has noticed a crime increase in its bus operations. “Bus operators were assaulted 138 times by passengers in 2014, a 35 percent increase since 2012. With about 345 million annual bus boardings, assaults are still relatively rare – but not rare enough”. Metro introduced an enforcement campaign where they plan to implement engineering, educational and law enforcement enhancements. The Three Es campaign focuses on the use of technology and advanced training. Starting in March, Metro began receiving new buses equipped with a driver’s compartment protected by safety barriers. As well as on their engineering efforts, Metro continues making progress installing CCTV monitors on buses with about 166 equipped. The two monitors on the bus are able to capture a complete recording of the full bus and passengers can see what the security cameras are recording. It is believed that potential lawbreakers, viewing themselves on video monitors are less likely to commit a crime. For the Education component, in April 2016 Metro will launch into the Transit Ambassador program to cultivate bus operators on ways to defuse potentially dangerous situations. As well as launching the outreach called “Meet Metro’s Best” on buses and trains to humanize front-line employees by highlighting operators and mechanics with a personal story.

At one point or another, all public transportation agencies have to deal with crime. All agencies should be proactive and implement safety/security plans. To remain successful in the industry they should continue to make their employees and passengers feel secure while they ride. For a free estimate to upgrade or replace security equipment call 1-800-334-2871.

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