Bus Repair & Maintenance

State of Good Repair Funding

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How to save on transportation costs? The decennial census is responsible for the massive task of allocating over $400 billion dollars annually on different state and local funding. This amount is allocated to federal programs and services like school construction, housing development, job training, road, and transportation planning. In 2013-14 the Federal Transit Administration

Public Transit Shaping Healthy Living

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Dayton Streetscapes Shaped by Transportation Plan What if improving your health was as easy as riding a bus? Well, it is a proven fact that public transit does improve health. People who use public transportation walk more, which improves fitness and reduces the risk of developing obesity, heart disease, and other health conditions. It also

Clean Diesel Technology Transforming the Environment

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Diesel Technology and Near Zero Emmissions The importance of "Going Green" becomes more apparent each day. Undoubtedly, this practice will help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. The transformation of the diesel industry is fortifying on clean air accomplishments over the last decade. They have increased their

Enhancing Bus Security

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Metro Determined to Reverse Crime Rates Crime is much more prevalent in large cities than in either small cities or rural areas. The high crime rates in large cities have been relatively pervasive for several centuries. Some reasons include higher pecuniary benefits, lower arrest probabilities, and observable city culture characteristics. The Los Angeles County

The Best Way to Increase the Life of Your Bus

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Improper Maintenance Costs More In The Long Run Did you know a significant percentage of bus accidents have happened due to improper maintenance? This signals the importance of regularly checking, repairing or replacing all components of a bus. In effect, keeping drivers, passengers, and others in traffic safe. Bus maintenance will not only increase

The Value of Electrical Cooling Systems

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The Survey Says: In a recent bus maintenance survey, some interesting findings were revealed. The survey was conducted to see what are the current trends and issues in bus maintenance shops. It was revealed that electric vehicle usage increased by 6% and electrical (issues/training) continued to be the top issue in the shop. Most

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