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Bus Mid Life Rehabilitation

Extend the useful life of your bus with a full or mini mid-life overhaul.

Bus MidLife Overhaul

Keep them out of the shop and in revenue service by doing a midlife overhaul at their six-year mark.

  • Six to ten-year programs available on all makes and models.
  • Work begins at your convenience.bus
  • Transportation via our partner towing company.
Mid Life Rehab Program
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Bus Rehabilitation & Overhaul Services

Our ASE Certified bus mechanics are highly experienced and qualified in comprehensive bus rehabilitation services. This includes interior rehab and detailing, engine and mechanical overhauls, electronics and HVAC upgrades, and bodywork, painting, and decaling.

We have been trusted for decades with public and private transit bus repair, maintenance and rehabilitation, serving customers throughout the United States.

  • Repower Engine Compartment

  • Axles, Brake and Suspension Rebuild

  • Repair/Replace Non-Working Wheelchair Lifts

  • HVAC Rebuild or Upgrade

  • Air Systems Rebuild

  • Cooling System Rebuild or Upgrade

  • ADA Component Update

  • Perform Necessary Cosmetic Repairs

  • Structural Repairs

  • Repair or Replace Broken or Rusted Bulkheads

  • Replace Soft, Damaged and Broken Floorboards

  • Repair Frames

  • Drivers Area

  • New Seat Inserts

  • Installation of P.A Systems

  • Update Electronics and Electrical Systems

  • Repair/Replace Floors

  • Body Repairs

  • Full Paint & Decals

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Bus Mid Life Rehabilitation

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