Improper Maintenance Costs More In The Long Run

Did you know a significant percentage of bus accidents have happened due to improper maintenance? This signals the importance of regularly checking, repairing or replacing all components of a bus. In effect, keeping drivers, passengers, and others in traffic safe. Bus maintenance will not only increase safety, but dramatically save on costs. It is tempting to cut as many costs as possible and push equipment to the limit. Many avoid maintenance to reduce on present short-term costs but do not realize costs will only multiply in the future.

Important Factors

What are some important factors in maintenance? Regular cleaning, consistency and following the OEM manual. In many circumstances, regular cleaning of the bus is overlooked. Cleaning the interior and the exterior of buses is very important because it helps prevent corrosion and deterioration of major components. For example, pressure washing the undercarriage of the bus at least once a year will help preserve structural integrity. Another major factor is the consistency of the maintenance. Bus preventative maintenance should be scheduled and completed on a regular basis. As well as paying attention to any possible indications of operation failure. Lastly, following the OEM manual will insure how and when to do each service and will make sure you are using the correct products. For example, you are able to reduce engine wear when the right oil viscosity is used.

Maintenance is Key

All in all, companies should not only ensure they are keeping up with bus maintenance, but also focusing on doing it correctly. According to, “Preventive maintenance is not only key to running a reliable bus operation, but it’s also the key to building your company into a lucrative business.” CoachCrafters knows and understands customers are doing their best to preserve their buses. However, in order to limit downtime operations, it is best to do the conjunction of preventative maintenance and a mid-life rehab. We offer all of your bus repair and rehabilitation needs.

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