ALL major operating systems and components!


Key Services

• Drive trains

• Electrical systems

• HVAC systems

• Alternate fuel conversions

ADA Equipment

• Drivers seats and passenger seats

• New seating arrangements

• Electronics

• Mirrors

• Lighting


Additional Services

• Lease a bus while your bus is being upgraded

• We offer a full range of bus repair services

• Repairs for existing lifts and restraint systems

Component and System Upgrades

Before After

Coach Says

Coach Says:

Let us put the muscle and hustle back in your bus!


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Upcoming Events


CoachCrafters will be at the following state and national conferences this year. We hope you'll stop by and say hi! 


PPTA: Lancaster, PA April 25-27th 

FPTA Roadeo: Daytona, FL April 28-29th 

NCPTA Conference & Roadeo: Concord, NC   June 2 - 7th

APTA EXPO: Atlanta, GA  Oct 8 - 11th 

TPTA: Nashville, TN    October 16 - 19th

FPTA: West Palm Beach, FL  October 22 - 24th