Extend the useful life of your bus with a full or mini-rehab. Keep them out of the shop and in revenue service by doing a midlife overhaul at their six year mark.

Six to ten year programs available on all makes and models.

Work begins at your convenience.

Transportation via CoachCrafters Landoll Trailer delivers on your schedule.



Key Services

• Repair or replace broken or rusted bulkheads

• Replace soft, damaged and broken floorboards

• Repair frames

• Repair, rebuild or replace major operating systems

• Repair axles and suspension systems

• Repair non-working lifts

• Perform necessary cosmetic repairs

• Full body, paint and decals

• Installation of P.A. systems

• Update electronics and electrical systems

Additional Services

• Lease a bus while your bus is being repaired

• We offer a full range of bus repair services

• Complete ADA-compliant equipment installations, retrofits and repairs


CLICK HERE to see a powerpoint breakdown of CoachCrafters approach to the Midlife Overhaul or Bus Rehabilitation process.

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Want More information? 

Contact Johnna McQuinn directly at 352-552-4290 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Compliance Policies

CoachCrafters has a variety of tools that enable us to provide excellent service and expert management of your work order including a secure area for our customers to log-in and get real-time status updates on the projects CoachCrafters is working on for them.


Coach Says

Coach Says:

Let us put the muscle and hustle back in your bus!


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CoachCrafters will be at the following state and national conferences this year. We hope you'll stop by and say hi! 


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