CoachCrafters now offers preventative maintenance and service for buses, semi trucks, motorcoaches and RV’s.

Services include:

Oil changes

Brake Service

Clutch adjustment

Axle Wheel Seal Installation

A/C system Service

Parts replacement


FREE 27 Point Inspection with all services included

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CoachCrafters is always interested in speaking with well-qualified individuals who are interested in joining our team.

We prefer H-1 through H-8 ASE Certifications (or similar) although highly experienced individuals will also be considered.  We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourage women and minorities to apply.  You may apply in person during normal business hours or by sending a resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are currently active duty but thinking about leaving the service and have  diesel experience, give us a call and let's talk. We support our troops, and are happy to accommodate reservist schedules.

Are you considering retirement from a public transit agency but would like to work part time?  We'd like to speak to you.  Our business levels fluctuate throughout the year, and we often have temporary positions perfect for semi-retired mechanics in a year round golfing and fishing climate.  

From time-to-time we also hire for our sales and marketing, parts and inventory, and general administrative departments.  We'll post these openings as they occur.  Please do not send resumes for these positions unless a vacancy is posted. 

We offer competitive pay, and a great benefits package that includes medical, dental, prescription, and vision; PTO; 401(k); disability plan; and more.


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With the exit of CAT and Detroit from the transit market, many transit agencies and private bus operators have been scrambling for a solution to keeping buses powered by these engines on the road.

CoachCrafters now offers a cost effective way to extend the life of your bus, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions. We work closely with OEM manufacturers to create a repower kit developed expressly for the specifications of the various makes and models of OEM equipment and the associated components that are in service today.  These kits include all required parts to install a new Cummins engine into your bus.  The labor hours needed to repower using the pre-engineered kit are significantly reduced.  This returns the unit into the revenue stream faster, and lowers labor costs.

bus engine after PowerUp install

Please contact our business development team by dialing 1-833-559-7679 or 352-742-8111 for further information.


ALL major operating systems and components!


Key Services

• Drive trains

• Electrical systems

• HVAC systems

• Alternate fuel conversions

ADA Equipment

• Drivers seats and passenger seats

• New seating arrangements

• Electronics

• Mirrors

• Lighting


Additional Services

• Lease a bus while your bus is being upgraded

• We offer a full range of bus repair services

• Repairs for existing lifts and restraint systems

Component and System Upgrades

Before After

CoachCrafters has been providing Heavy-duty restoration repairs for transit buses and motorcoaches for over 28 years. Our ASE Certified Technicians are trained and experienced in collision, frame and fire damage repair. They love what they do and that shines through in the quality of their repairs. We work closely with the OEM for parts and engineering support as needed. 

Work effort begins at your convenience. Transportation is provided via CoachCrafters' Truck and Landoll trailer.  



 Key Services

• Full collision and fire restoration

• Complete mechanical, electrical, frame & body work

• New, modern repair facility

• Laser-leveled cement shop floors

• Prompt nationwide estimates

• ASE Certified Technicians

• Rigorous road testing and quality assurance

• Timely repairs and personal customer support

• "Low Boy" professional tractor trailer transportation

• Progressive reporting, by e-mail or fax keeps you updated on the repair process


An example of a severe front end collision repair process: 







Additional Examples:

Before After
 Palm Tran_BEFORE



Palm Tran_AFTER


Frame Damage 



Web Accident_1108__0801611_001






Final web


Fire Damage Repair 



Additional Services


• Lease a bus while your bus is being repaired

• We offer a full range of bus repair services

• Complete ADA-compliant equipment installations, retrofits and repairs


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Coach Says

Coach Says:

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Upcoming Events


CoachCrafters will be at the following state and national conferences this year. We hope you'll stop by and say hi! 


PPTA: Lancaster, PA April 25-27th 

FPTA Roadeo: Daytona, FL April 28-29th 

NCPTA Conference & Roadeo: Concord, NC   June 2 - 7th

APTA EXPO: Atlanta, GA  Oct 8 - 11th 

TPTA: Nashville, TN    October 16 - 19th

FPTA: West Palm Beach, FL  October 22 - 24th