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The Value of Electrical Cooling Systems?


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In a recent bus maintenance survey some interesting findings were revealed. The survey was conducted to see what are the current trends and issues in bus maintenance shops. It was revealed that electric vehicle usage increased by 6% and electrical (issues/training) continued to be the top issue in the shop. Most importantly, the survey showed a large increase in the transition from hydraulic to electrical cooling systems.
Why have electrical cooling systems become so popular among bus agencies? A better question is how they could not?Composed of the radiator, e-fans and charge air cooler, they provide many advantages to the diesel bus market over their hydraulic predecessors. The benefits many agencies are seeing include:
☑️ Reduce Emissions
☑️ Improve Fuel Economy
☑️ Lower Maintenance
☑️ Reduce dependence on engine
☑️ Easier to control
☑️ Improve Safety
In addition, electric cooling systems eliminate hydraulic hoses & valves that can leak. This drastically reduces the risk of engine compartment fires.
We are always looking for ways to maintain and enhance the value of clients' investments in transportation.  If you are considering upgrading your fleet to an Electric Cooling System, call us for pricing information at 352-742-8111 or email Johnna McQuinn @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We look forward to hearing from you!




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Did You Know? 

Driving a small car just 10,000 miles in a year costs about $4,826.
Based on yearly costs of (1):
Gas and Oil - 4.8 cents per mile
Maintenance - 3.1 cents per mile
Tires - 1.3 cents per mile
Insurance - $1,012
License, registration and taxes - $175
Depreciation - $2,871
Finance charge - $603

Riding a metropolitan city bus all year would cost you $300.
(Based on the purchase of 12 monthly bus passports from a Midwest transit agency at $25.00 each)

A fully loaded bus is about 6 times more fuel efficient than single-occupant automobiles (2).

Nationally, Public Transportation uses less than 1% of the energy consumed in this country.

Compared to a single-occupant automobile, per passenger mile, buses emit (3):
- Only 20% as much Carbon Monoxide
- Only 10% as much Hydrocarbons
- Only 75% as much Nitrogen Oxides

Putting 10,000 miles on an average automobile in one year also puts 350 pounds of pollution into the air (4).

A person working 5 days a week, traveling 10 miles to work and home again, with a vehicle that gets 25mpg, would save 188.8 gallons of gas per year by riding the bus. A person traveling only 5 miles each way would save 94.4 gallons per year.

Public Transportation use reduces our dependence on foreign oil. "Use of public transportation by one in ten Americans would lead to cleaner air and reduce U.S. oil dependency by 40%". If 10% of the population used public transportation on a regular basis it would save around 540 million barrels of Saudi Arabian oil imports.

1 - American Automobile Association and Runzheimer International, Your Driving Costs, 1999 Edition
2 - American Public Transportation Association 2001 Public Transportation Fact Book
3 - California Department of Transportation and Southern California Rideshare
4 - "Conserving Energy and Preserving the Environment: The Role of Public Transportation", July 17, 2002

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